Avoiding merge conflicts with XcodeGen

I - Intro

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II — Before we start

1. Introduction XcodeGen

2. Use case project

Sample project structure

III — Setting up

Sample app usage screens

1. Set up sample project

Installing sample project (Brew, Carthage, XcodeGen, dependencies…)

2. Creating your XcodeGen project specs file

This file will be the spec of our .xcodeproj
XcodeGen/project.yml : Initial setup

3. First XcodeGen run

XcodeGen/project.yml : first run

4. Adding configurations and project main target

XcodeGen/project.yml : Adding configurations

5. Adding frameworks

XcodeGen/project.yml : Creating a template
XcodeGen/project.yml : Adding targets using template
XcodeGen/project.yml : Small recap
XcodeGen/project.yml : Complete setup (so far)

6. Fixing dependencies frameworks

XcodeGen/project.yml : Domain target without dependencies
XcodeGen/project.yml : Domain target with dependencies
XcodeGen/project.yml : Example of the 3 dependencies options (carthage, linked and not linked)

7. Extra: Build fase scripts

8. Extra: Documents folder

IV - Recap

1. Some problems you may face while setting up project the first time: Lost files

2. Some problems you may face while setting up project the first time: Miscellaneous files inside folders

V - Materials

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