Using SwiftLint to reduce code smell on Xcode.

2020 @

I — Intro

Image 1 : SwiftLint warning
Image 2: SwiftLint error

II — Extra motivation.

Image 3 — Basic design language for images
var avatarView = UIImageView(image: UIImage(named: “avatar.1”))
var avatarView = UIImageView(image: ImageNames.avatar.image)
included: “.*\\.swift”
name: “Fordiden hardCoded images”
regex: “UIImage[(]named:”
message: “Don’t use hardCoded images”
severity: error

III — Some of my (SwiftLint extra) rules.

No Print

included: “.*\\.swift”
name: “Fordidden print”
regex: “print[(]”
message: “Use DevTools.Log…”
severity: warning

No let _ =

included: ".*\\.swift"
name: "No let _ = ..."
regex: 'let[ ][_][ ][=]'
message: "Don't use let _ = xxx , use xxx != nil"
severity: error

Numbers smell

regex: '(return |case |\w\(|: |\?\? |\, |== |<=? |>=? |\+= |\-= |\/= |\*= |%= |\w\.\w+ = )\(*-?\d{2,}'
message: "Numbers smell; define a constant instead."
severity: warning

Commented code

regex: '(?<!:|\/)\/\/\h*[a-z.](?!wiftlint)'
message: "Comment starting with lowercase letter - did you forget to delete old code?"
severity: warning

Singleton (vars naming)

included: “.*\\.swift”
name: “Singleton naming”
regex: “static (var|let)[ ](instance|sharedInstance)[ ]*[:]”
message: “Use shared”
severity: error

Hardcoded TimeZones

included: “.*\\.swift”
name: “Fordiden hardcoded TimeZones”
regex: “\”UTC\”|\”GMT\””
message: “Use AppConstants.TimeZones”
severity: error
included: ".*\\.swift"
name: "Hardcoded DateFormats"
regex: '= "yyyy|DateFormatter(withFormat'
message: "Use AppContants.DateFormatterTypes"
severity: error

IV — Final considerations.

  • The more strong, coherent and consistent our code base will be.
  • The more easy is to ensure a the use of a specific Design Language.
  • The more developers will code using the same style.
  • The more easy will be to find things of the code.

V — Materials.

My SwiftLint basic template (always change depending of the project needs)

V — Related articles




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